About Us

Christina Collins

Christina never thought she would do a triathlon. After the birth of her first child she figured if she could go through labour, she could do anything. She signed up for swim improvement lessons and went from there. Christina understands how intimidating sport can be and it's her mission to provide fun events for women looking forward to try something new!
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Kathy Calverley

Run - sure. Swim - ok. Bike - ???. Still working on that one. With many half marathons and one marathon under my belt, I have completed only one sprint triathlon. Despite some undesirable mountain weather conditions, what I remember the most is feeling empowered by tackling 3 different sports in one event as well as the amazing support from all the other triathletes. Looking forward to that feeling again with other like minded women along the way. This really is about the experience - not the results! Jump in (or dive) with both feet and enjoy!

Melonie MacDonald

Lisa Graves

Lisa is a mom to three girls and an active participant in triathlon, running and all-things-fitness. She teaches kindergarten by day and leads indoor cycling classes at night. She's passionate about female wellness - girls, tweens, teens and adult women need love and support and uses her time to learn more about how to empower females in sport and wellbeing.

Bri Botsford

Bri Botsford is an Edmonton triathlete, naturopathic doctor and cat mom. She loves triathlon and has been racing for the past 10 years. Bri encourages and empowers women and girls to be healthy, radiant and happy through active living. She knows the importance of activity for mental and physical health and wants to see more women participating in triathlon!

Jen Panteluk

Jen understands how daunting a triathlon can seem before you jump right in - in fact she picked an out of town race for her first one just in case it didn’t go well! Over a decade later she still gets excited to toe the line and loves spreading her passion for triathlon to engage newbies in the sport. Triathlon has provided so much richness to her life and Jen can’t wait to introduce the sport to any women willing to give it a ‘tri.’